Easily Archive and Search Your Twitter Data with our Syncable Desktop App.



  • Import Tweets from an existing Twitter archive (see below)
  • For any Tweet, also optionally archive the author and the authors profile media
  • Archive your tweets.
  • Optionally including respones to your tweets
  • Archive your mentions.
  • Follows and Followers
    • Optionally including user profiles
    • Optionally including profile images
  • Your lists (the ones you created) including user profiles / media
  • Archive your Liked Tweets
  • Search within your downloaded data (see screenshot)
  • See your Tweets reverse chronological beginning with your first Tweets.
  • Sync, to download newer Tweets, mentions or responses
  • Delete Tweets on Twitter
  • Archive a different users profile / tweets
  • Runs on macOS, Linux and Windows. Can also run in the terminal.
  • Probably has a healthy set of bugs


Due to API limitations, not all data can be archived. For every category, Twitter only returns a certain amount of data:

  • Your Tweets: max 3.200
  • Your Mentions: max 800
  • Follows / Followers: No idea, but at least 5000, probably more
  • Lists: Max 1000, max 5000 members per list
  • No Bookmarks (yet)


The code can be found on Github. It was build with Dioxus, a Rust library that offers a cross platform React experience.



Linux (slightly outdated)

Windows (slightly outdated)



Requires Rust:
cargo build --release

You will also need a valid Twitter API Key. Which has to be set in your shell environment.

Importing from an existing Archive

If you already downloaded an existing Twitter Archive, you can use it to fill up any missing Tweets in your TwitVault import.

First, perform a normal TwitVault backup.

Once the backup is done, exit TwitVault, head to the Terminal, and execute the following command:

twitvault import -c ~/twitter-archive-folder

# or on macOS
cd /Applications/
./TwitVault import -c ~/Path/To/twitter-archive-folder
/Applications/ import -c ~/Path/To/twitter-archive-folder

Afterwards, you can start TwitVault again and it will contain the Tweets.

Archiving another user, archiving multiple own accounts

TwitVault can archive other user profiles as well as multiple of your own.

Currently, this only works when you're running TwitVault in the Terminal / Commandline. However, once the data is archived, you can open it in the UI.

[For an explanation of how that works, please refer to the GitHub documentation.](

Where is my data stored?

The location of your data depends on your operating system:
  • Linux:
  • Windows:
  • macOS:
    /Users/username/Library/Application Support/com.StyleMac.TwitVault

Testing these kinds of things under three different operating systems is kinda hard. So there might be bugs.

2022++ Benedikt Terhechte

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